Thursday, May 14, 2009


the digital human

There seems to be a race to unite our humanity with our brilliance. That is to say that the human race or at least its intelligent elite are delving itno areas that may be only the domain of complete gods; not objects made in their form.

Everybody talks about being connected. From Twitter, texting, myspace, facebook, loop etc; we are striving to unite our dna with electronic counterparts. Some of our cars are even smarter than the drivers. Rarely can you drive anywhere without seeing every driver on a cellphone or some device plugged into their ear. We have become so consumed by ourselves that we have little time for each other or anything larger. One must wonder what disasters will be born from our trespasses into goddom? Once we have duplicated ourselves and discovered the secrets of the universe, will we then remake god in our own image?

We're cloning...let's face it ... everything! No, you dont know about it but I can assure you that they may already be among us. The electronic chips that will be introduced at birth will track our every move and chronicle our every moment until our last days; possibly becoming the "book of life" later. The cameras are everywhere; you just havent noticed. Once the super computers unite the digital continents, the humans will fall from their illusions and truely be the slaves they made themselves.